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What can I offer you when your life seems to be collapsing around you, and you have no answers? When the fairy tale has turned into a nightmare? Hope!!



Divorce papers

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When you hire me, know that there is nothing I take more serious than the issues raised on your case. Whether it is child custody or division of property, this firm will fight for you as if it were our own children or property at stake.

Let me help you begin the healing process. Let me help you begin again.

Free initial consultation. Come and speak personally with an attorney that will get to know you and the circumstances surrounding your legal problems.

This firm offers flat rate prices for the following types of cases:

  • Uncontested adoption
  • Divorces
  • Paternity actions


An uncontested Adoption is available at a set fee.

Adoption is the legal process wherein the biological parent’s rights are permanently terminated. The adoptive parents assume the rights and privileges of the biological parents.

The most important aspect of adoption is that it is a permanent legal proceeding.


There are two different types of divorce contested and uncontested.

Typically, an uncontested divorce is handled by flat rate. The parties are in agreement as to the issues between the parties. This firm is retained by one of the parties.


The papers are drawn up and once they are executed by the parties, the papers are filed. After being on file for 30 days, the Court grants a judgment dissolving the marriage.


These cases are handled on an hourly basis. These are the cases where the issues are not resolved by the parties. The issues in conflict are resolved by the Court.

Typically, Court hearings are required to resolve issues. Further, a Judge is the person who makes the final decision regarding disputed issues.

The issues vary from case to case. However, most cases have the following issues:

  • Child Custody
  • Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Maintenance
  • Division of Property
  • Division of Debt
  • Attorney Fees and Court Cost

It is important in contested cases to have an attorney representing you that you feel comfortable with, you trust, you know they are working with all their abilities for your best interest. This is exactly what I provide for our clients.


Nothing can replace or duplicate the time we as parents have with our children. How children are parented does affect the adults our children become. As such, the issues of legal and physical custody and visitation schedules are the most important aspects to deal with in litigation.

Proper knowledge of the law and techniques in the courtroom are imperative for the best representation in custody cases. This is exactly what our clients secure at Breeze Elpers & Nguyen LC.


Does the lawyer you hire know the proper way to calculate child support? At Breeze Elpers & Nguyen LC, I do. Along with that issue I know how the law handles the related issues of the following:

  • Claiming children as tax dependency
  • Medical insurance costs and out of pocket expenses
  • Extraordinary expenses
  • Child Care

It is important to know the specifics regarding all the economic factors in your case with regards to child support. At Breeze Elpers & Nguyen LC, I take the time to investigate all pertinent facts so that you as a parent of a child receiving support, or as a parent paying support, know the law regarding these issues.


This ever changing area of the law was once called alimony, and is very case fact specific.

Whether you are a person seeking maintenance or the person being asked to pay, it is imperative that your lawyer knows the law and knows how the law applies to your case. At Breeze Elpers & Nguyen LC I help our clients with these issues by listening, investigating, and then fighting for our client’s interest.


Do you know the difference between marital and non-marital property? Do you know the source of funds rule? How does the division of personal property affect my maintenance award?

All these are very important questions that your lawyer better be able to answer. More importantly, the lawyer you hire needs to be able to answer this in regards to the specific facts of your life.

Through listening and careful investigation, I apply the law to your facts to best serve your needs with regards to the division of assets.


Debts must be divided by the Court. How does the allocation of the debt affect the third party creditor? If your ex-spouse doesn’t pay, what action can be taken? If your spouse files for Bankruptcy, how does that effect you?




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